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[CoolTool] BlogWave: Scheduled RSS feed generation and publishing from multiple sources

Addy Santo has just published a first alpha of what seems to be a pretty cool tool: BlogWave. Some very cool screenshots and a download link is included. Here are Addy's words:

This is an alpha (read: mostly functional and sort of stable) version of a tool which enables scheduled generation and publishing of RSS feeds.  This allows, for example, publishing Sharepoint lists and libraries as RSS feeds with no modifications needed to the Sharepoint server.

BlogWave Feature List:

  • Generate RSS feeds based on a variety of inputs:
    • WSS lists/libraries
    • Existing RSS files or feeds
    • Additional input sources are planned, such as Sharepoint searches and aggregated feeds.
  • Publish the generated feeds to different destinations:
    • Local/network locations
    • .Text based blogs
    • WSS libraries 
    • FTP sites.
  • Schedule the generation and publication with a flexible scheduling system
    • Set which days of the week, what hours, and how often should the generation take place
    • Set user credentials and advanced options such as running even with no logged-in user or running only when idle.
 Coolness!  I think I'll use this for some of the SPS sites I'm currently doing. Thanks Addy.

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