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MbUnit 2.17 released - with the cool database attributes I talked about

Peli has released the latest version of MbUnit. It has some really cool additions(click the link to read about them), some of them I helped shape. For example - the Rollback and database restore attributes are in there and working. That's pretty awesome.
There are a few simple reasons why MbUnit is still not the most widely use Unit testing framework:
  1. The GUI is still not as user friendly as it could be. that is - it is too complicated. in my mind it should look *exactly* like the NUnit GUI so that people can relate and use easily.
  2.  No TestFixtureSetup and TestFixtureTeardown attributes
  3.  No NunitAddin  support(yet?)
I'm thinking that if at least the first 2 are fulfilled - I could start using MbUnit in my next project. Right now it is in a place where RSS bandit was a few months ago: Loads of nifty features and abilities but still needs a little nudge to be usable for the masses. Way to go Peli!

NUnit 2.2 beta 3 has been released - and some questions

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