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Announcements: Geek Dinner, TDD workshops and upcoming lectures schedule

Yes I know. been *real* busy. Hope to get back at you soon soon. Meanwhile, some community stuff I've been wanting to do and some stuff I've been asked to do. Also - I wanted to say thanks for the large amount of congratulations I got on my MVP post. It means a lot to me.

SO, here goes:

You can download the presentation slides from the last “XP and Agile concepts“ talk I did.

Mind you: this is all in Israel.

Announcing: Geek Dinner codename “Memory Leak” this month - the 19th

Announcing: TDD Workshop (beginners): this month - the 28th 

Announcing: TDD Workshop(Advanced): next month - the 8th

(See the full schedule here:

Upcoming lectures (more specific information will be posted as the dates approach):

ADO.Net Best Practices and advanced Concepts  (XP talk is being rescheduled)

When: 21st of this month 17:30

Where: C# user group


ADO.Net allows you to do many different things in many different ways.In this talk we'll discuss some of the most recommended ways of doing things, and things you should *not* do as well. Among the topics:

  • Data Application Block – features, benefits and usage
  • Concurrency Management - handling dataset conflicts
  • Performance tips and tricks
  • Error Handling

And a few more important and interesting things you should know when going deep into your Data Access Layer.

 Required knowledge: ADO.Net basic usage and working experience


Regular Expressions Deep Dive

When: 4th of august, 17:30

Where: VB.Net user group

What: 3 hours of working with Regex and showing some absolutely cool stuff you can do with them. Mind opener - guaranteed. Including Regex Groups, replaces and introducing The Regulator behind the scenes.

What a typical user group looks like

User group meeting today: Intro to SQL reporting services