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XP talk rescheduled - replaced with "ADO.Net Best Practices and advanced Concepts"

The “XP and Agile Concepts” talk I was supposed to give on the 21st of this month has been rescheduled. We're planning to do this talk on a larger scale next month - so don't get too disappointed. Instead - I'll be giving a different talk:

ADO.Net Best Practices and advanced Concepts 

When: 21st of this month 17:30

Where: C# user group


ADO.Net allows you to do many different things in many different ways.In this talk we'll discuss some of the most recommended ways of doing things, and things you should *not* do as well. Among the topics:

  • Data Application Block – features, benefits and usage
  • Concurrency Management - handling dataset conflicts
  • Performance tips and tricks
  • Error Handling

And a few more important and interesting things you should know when going deep into your Data Access Layer.

 Required knowledge: ADO.Net basic usage and working experience

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