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Accumulated links

I've had some stuff accumulated on my aggregator so I thought I'd dump most of it together for a good reference later.
  • First of all, I've switched to RSS Bandit. The new version rocks and is much more stable. It still has an occasional hiccup with some channels that don't parse well, but when you click on the channel name it shows just fine. So I'm using it and all its nifty features. Great job, Dare!
  • Results of the Annoying power point survey are in and this is very very interesting to read if you ever need to do a presentation in front of anyone else but your mother.
  • If there's one area a good developer has to be good at from the get go, it's finding information and answers. This post asks How do you find information and gets some very good answers in the comments. Read and learn.
  • GUnit, Generative Unit Test Framework - A new take on unit testing that tries to automate some of the patterns observed in testing. (via LarkWare)
  • Natty Gur (which I hope to see next week in the IVCUG meeting) wrote an article on using COM+ in .Net.
  • Scott Hanselman points to some very Valuable tips on getting the best of both Debug and Release build configuration - at the same time.
  • The Vault comes out with version 2.0, but most importantly, their version if absolutely free for a single user. I've personally switched to Vault at home now.

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