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Test Driven Development enters mainstream following MSDN Magazine article

Now, that MSDN Magazine itself has a full article proclaiming that Test-driven development (TDD) should be on every developer's radar screen , I can certainly say It's about friggin' time this became mainstream knowledge.
The amount of people that have actually done Test Driven projects in Israel I would guess to be almost none. Hell, a wild guess would be maybe five or ten people. Seriously.
The amount of people who are starting to hear about it is rising, but we're still far far away from TDD, or any of the XP ways having a hold strong enough to warrant something as far fetched as an agile user group. Maybe now people will start to get the message.
I've also read somewhere that Kent Beck, of of the XP forefathers has joined the MS testing team. Great news. I hope to see more agile content coming out of Microsoft in the coming future. God knows we all need it, because it ain't really there until MS says it is.

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