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Very good intro article to Test Driven Development, but lots more needed

Just discovered this very good article that explains what Test Driven Development is all about and gives a good first glimpse and overview, including simple exercises to try yourself, on the whole matter.
Very good read if you've heard the term “XP, Extreme programming,TDD and Test Driven Development” before but never really “got“ what the fuss is all about.
It's great to see this kind of stuff coming out of Microsoft for a change. No more will I be inclined to say “no you won't find out about XP on MSDN, it's sort of a bi-culture”. Good stuff.
A few stuff I'd like to see coming out:
  • Doing TDD with databases - including all the crap you have to go through to get your test database ready and so on before all the tests run
  • Doing TDD with GIU - a-la MVC frameworks and so on
  • TDD and Mock Objects
  • TDD MOCs ("Microsoft Official Curriculum") and labs
  • guidelines on how to test stuff like Files,XML, and web
  • TDD and ASP.Net (NUnitASP?)

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