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Is TextAmerica good enough for a desktop contest?

I'm still looking for a good place to host my desktop screen shots contest. TextAmerica looks pretty cool, except you can only view the pictures up to a certain size (which is problematic when trying to determine whether a screen shot of 1040 pixels is worth a prize).

Anyway.. I'm not sure. Maybe you can see what it looks like and give me your comments. The nice things I like about text America:

The good:

  • You get an RSS feed of latest photos - very cool to see a contest RSS feed.
  • Easy to post there - I just email it in. There is also a community blogging option there that means anyone can email their pics into the blog and I just approve of them. this can make for a great community pics blog if not for a contest.

The bad:

- The photos cannot exceed 480px in size.

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