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My Passover Present

Joy. I got for Passover (a.k.a The Jewish Christmas) from my boss a webcam. It's the third one we got.

Luckily, it came with an exchange coupon, and behold, the coupon was just right for me to replace it with a CD/MP3 diskman. My current transportation does not contain a disk player built in, hence - I was happy.

I also got one of those adapters between a Diskman and the car cassette tape player. You know, they look like a cassette but they're actually transmitting the CD audio. Finally, I can drive in my car, listening to .Net Rocks .I missed the past 9 shows so all I had to do was burn them in MP3 format on one CD (they fit snuggly in, all of them) and play it in my car all the way from here to Eilat and back (Eilat is a 6 hour drive from here).

Too bad I can't listen to the live shows though. It's Friday night in Israel when the shows air, which is Family Dinner night. No computer for me. Oh well, Diskman it is!

One of the funniest things for me is to watch people's faces when I tell them I listen to a recorded radio show on .Net. They seem to freak out. Even some of the people here at work, which are really smart,intelligent and technology savvy people seem to think it's sorta stupid. I guess there's nothing that would change they're mind unless they hear the show with Paul Allen (father of VB) or some of the other amazing shows out there.

Truly folks, You're missing a lot. Check it out.

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