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The day after

Well, it's the morning of the day after. Everyone talked a lot and I think I personally have learned a lot.
lots of stuff has been hitting the fan, which is not what I wanted. I did want a conversation to start, not all these personal attacks. Still, its all about conversation and I respect everything that was said back to me(to a degree).
Maybe sometimes I need to lighten up a bit, I know. I do still stand by my opinions, but looking back things could have been done more tactfully, and on a less louder note. I don't think standing by one's beliefs can ever be a bad things, as long as you listen back to other people's beliefs, which I certainly did. While a lot of irrelevant stuff flew over, some important stuff did stick “get over yourself”,”stop whining” were the main points. Let me just say “point taken”.
I'll take responsibility for my actions and would like to apologize to Rory for any misunderstanding my post may have caused. Even though it was not meant to be about him personally, he was still atacked by it which I regret.
There's nothing more I can do about this, but yesterday sure made for a crappy day for both of us. I did lose sleep over this.
I'll try to be more "diplomatic" in the future.

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