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More Feedable updates

Yeah I know. It's starting to look like the Feedable blog here, but I promise i'll stop soon.

This site has been a great learning experience for me. I couldn't have asked for a better way to start learning web development with ASP.Net. Because it's live, I feel compelled to add more stuff and make it into a real site. So, meanwhile I:

  • Made sure feed list is sorted by name
  • Added a few more blogs (namely , Allen Bauer's blog and Dave Barry's Blog )
  • Created an online store for Feedable swag, following the footsteps of the mighty Robert which you can get to by clicking a link on the Feedable main page. Some pretty nice swag in there with the Feedable logo, maybe you'll even wear some of this stuff for the PDC, huh?
  • I Am Feedable Visor
  • Added an admin web console for feed management. Yep. Up until now the feeds were inserted manually into the DB tables. Now I can have Darren create and update new feeds from the web. You have no idea how much of a learning curve the web datagrid is to a winform-geek.

What's more important, I wanted people to learn and understand the technology that drives this site. So, if you go there and click the “About“ link, you'll see a link that point to an article about how to do basically what my engine does.

More to come:

  • Feed searching
  • better site layout
  • What more do you think I should add? Tell me.


Oh, did I forget to mention this? I purchased the domain, but my hosting server won't be ready for some time. Still, all the swag points to that link,  so for now I'm trying to set a redirect to my home server. It will take some time though..

Better times ahead?

Feedable will be offline a bit