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The Regulator v. 2.01 - now with Intellisense

In short - lots fixed, and cool stuff added!

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version 2.0.1 beta

-added: "Document Changed" dialog specifies the name of the document in question.
-added: Intellisense in the Regex window.  Can be configured by changing the quick menu.config file.
-added: Intellisense in the "Replace with" window. automatically list available named groups when typing "$" in the replace with input window
-added: Regex Intellisense will auto-select regions user needs to fill out (behavior like in the snippets plugin)
-fixed: Regex text would sometimes revert back to the last-saved text, causing data loss in the text
-fixed: multiple "Document Changed" dialogs appeared before closing a document or the application
-fixed: "Replace with" text and "Input  file" text were not loaded properly from saved projects
-fixed: "Support" link in "About" dialog now works

Here's a screen shot that shows my currently favorite new feature:

[Tool] WMI Strongly Typed Class Generator

Misunderstanding timestamp