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Taiwan is closer than I thought

The past week has be *tough*. We found on on Sunday that my wife needs to leave for Taipei,Taiwan on Monday. That's right, the day after that. So, we were all busy and anxious to get all packing. Her job is sending her off there for some client stuff. Should be back within two weeks That leaves me to take care of signing all the mortgage papers we were going to do together, and all the other nitty gritty stuff that she seems to do so much more easily that me.
I miss you honey, and love you. Come back soon (but not too soon. I'm liking this “stay up 'ill late clicking on the keyboard” thing without bothering/waking anyone up...)
Heh. Before she went away I secretly took are brand new digital camera (that, most importantly, can shoot small videos too) and took 2 short videos into the flash memory. One of them was our Cat, Zion, in his best sleeping position, looking at the camera with contempt, as if saying “who the hell are you” with a french accent (no offense).
The other one was me miming out “I love you and miss you and hug you and shed tears for your leaving” (“Shed tears” is a classic mime thing. You reach with your hand into your eye and make beliefe tear drops are falling into your other hand. Yah, I'm artistic like that). So now she'll never forget what her two favorite slobs look like.
Darling, we will always have Zion

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