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Smalltalk glasses

I read James Robertson's SmallTalk blog. I don't know why really (except that he has sometimes funny and interesting off topic posts). I don't write in SmallTalk (although I've tried it  acouple of times). Maybe it's for the same reason I sometimes put my radio on some Hasidic channel (equivelant to hardcore christian talk radio) - it's interesting to learn about toally different cultures and habits than my own. Fascinating.
So Reading about SmallTalk gives me a perspective outside the Microsoft angle, and that helps look at things sometimes in a more balanced way.
There are also a couple of Linux and Java Blogs I used to follow but not anymore. I think at some point I had to reinstall or reformat some stuff in my OS and the feed data got lost. Anyway - same thing there.
James has written a blog reader in SmallTalk - “BottomFeeder”. And it supports plugins. I wonder how plugins are supported in SmallTalk. What's the SmallTalk equivelant of Reflection, for example? of a DLL? dynamic loading?
Like I said - a totally different world and culture.

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