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CodeDOM adventures and oddities

One important thing to know is how the code generator will generate string declarations. Omer discovers that you can't make it perpend a “@” at the string's start. it does it automatically using a hard coded set of rules. Some more oddities lie there, but Omer points them better than I can. He has much more experience than me on this one.
The subject came up because I'm using some of Omer's code as a basis for a plugin for The next Regulator., coming out in a few days. The plugin, you may be surprised to know, generates C# or VB.Net code from the current regex.
BTW, Omer is one of those guys who are really bright and every time we talk it astounds me just how much knowledge he has that I seem to have little clue about. He should definitely post more. Funny thing, he's pretty young (like 20?). I'm scared to think what he's going to be like in 10 years. *shudder*

The Regulator 2.0 is out

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