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Going to Tech-Ed. See you there?

Tomorrow morning I'm leaving for Tech-Ed Israel in Eilat. Will be there for 3 days. I hope I get the chance to blog from there, but if I don't you should know why - I don't own a laptop. Go figure.
If you're looking for me, you can look for something that looks like this:
 (click to see a bigger Roy)
Yet. That's me, after a haircut. Just add beer :) I'll be wearing an official Magen, Microsoft Technology Center black T-Shirt throughout (we got 3), so look for those shirts.
This year I've chosen to go in darks and pastels. Since logos seem to be the thing this season, I've chosen a white/green logo, something hi-tech. You'll notice the background tries to imitate a native Israeli home, along with wedding pictures hanging off the walls, and a real glass window. The dark window is symbolic for night time.
The lack of smile says I see you, but I don't recognize you since I have short term memory loss for people with which I go to conferences.  If you see me, ping me by friendly tap on the shoulder, preferably holding an extra glass of beer, and say Regulator Rocks! ;)
I'll also be bringing my new digital camera, and will try to post Tech-Ed photos to my photoblog.
BTW, I'm playing backup presenter in case some lecturer can't make it. I'm all ready with a lecture about regular expressions. We'll see what happens. If it happens, it will be my first Tech-Ed lecture. Ain't life interesting sometimes?

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