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My favorite Tech-Ed quote, and what you need to know about FABRIQ

Ido has a favorite quote from Tech-Ed Israel.
I also have a favorite one, by Clemens, paraphrasing Don Box about why SOAP was designed over HTTP:
“If, with all the efforts, sysadmins cannot really stop porn, they cannot stop SOAP”
Clemens, BTW, gave some amazing talks at Tech-Ed. I'll post about them later. for now, I suggest you get acquainted with the FABRIQ project, to be announced at Tech-Ed USA and how it solves some of the stuff Shadowfax did not address (scalability concerns mainly) using agent-oriented architecture and SOA concepts. Here's a FABRIQ talk he did at another conference. Some amazing stuff there. (plus, he's wearing a tie! we got him here with his “I wrote DasBlog. Thank me with Beer“ shirt )

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