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MSDN mag, this is why I lament

Some people think I was wrong in saying that MSDN has gone too far hyping up future content.
There's a time a place to say "Get ready for this because it replaces something you've had to reinvent by yourself up until today". The time may be now, but the place should be limited to a *logical* section of the content. There are still lots of problems to solve with today's tools. Frankly, when I'm fighting some hard debugging problem the last thing I need is someone telling me "You know, in Whidbey this is easier!" instead of showing me how to fix it today.
Yes, I'd like to know about the future. No, I don't want to know *only* about the future. I have problems *today*, I am missing knowledge *today*. It looks as if MSDN mag is turning into a huge hype machine on the backs of the *important* information.

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