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The Israeli Agile development workshop - New site

Some good news - finally.

I've been “harassing” my boss at Magen, Reuven, about this for quite some time, so no wonder he has given up. He gave me a brand spanking dedicated server at Magen to host various community sites I'm thinking about. It even has a cool dns:  although right now it is protected from anonymous users until I actually get some content on the thing.

Here comes the good news part:

The server has SharePoint installed on it - so even though the parent portal is not open to anonymous users, I'll be opening up child portals to the public as they go live. The first one to go is :

Agile Israel - the Test Driven Development Workshop site.

Yep. no more fiddling around with my home server. the TDD workshop finally has its own “grown up“ site. The site already lists the second planned meeting of the TDD workshop - the one I've been promising so much:

Second TDD workshop meeting workspace 

If you want to register for the session email me at [roy at Magen dot com] with “TDD workshop“ in the subject line. Note: maximum 10 people at each meeting. House rules.

See you there!

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