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Hebrew .Net weblogs now available!

One big concern I hear from people I meet is that they really want to have a weblog, but they want to write in hebrew, not in english, simply because they can express themselves better in their mother tounge.
That was a problem. Lots of the blogging community in Israel either resides in non-technical sites, and whatever blogging infrastracture setup for public use is usually without RSS support.
Well, fear no more. is on its way to being the main source for technical knowledge for the development community in Israel. It is still in its infancy stages, but already you have some great forums, and various technical articles. Today I found out that you can even start you own blog over there :
 The blog can be written in hebrew and also gets its own RSS feed! nice.
SO, let your fears vanish. I want to see some Israli .Net bloggers opening their Hebrew blog over there, and be sure to let me know about it, so I can put you on my .Net bloggers list at the front page :)
Happy writing!

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