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The Regexinator - VS.Net Addin to search documents using Regex

Found this out through Darren's Regex weblog.
The Regexinator looks like a cool idea that someone eventually had to do:
It lets you search the active documents using Regex, and when you click on each result you are automatically taken to the found textin the document. It also has a search feature that uses's web services.
overall a great idea but beware - this is a very early version. After having a nice little chat with the two chief devs of this add-in - James Avery and Pete Wright (who I met for the first time online today) I figured out a couple of installation issues you might have to deal with:
  1. The Addin window does not appear after installing it. Solution - open tools-Addin manager and uncheck the add-in 'regexinator". then re-open the dialog and check the add-in again. it should show up now.
  2. The tool window might not be big enough to see the “Search button“. resize it to make it bigger.
  3. web search does not work with proxy settings yet (did not work on my machine). will be fixed using this peachy proxy settings class.
Great work guys!

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