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Solving System.TypeInitializationException when running the Regulator

I've recently started to get emails from people who had The Regulator break on their system after installing SP2 (or some other hotfix...). I'm not sure exactly how it broke, but I know how to fix it.
Here's a typical email and the solution is in the end:
"I have been using your Regulator utility for some time and now all of a sudden I'm getting the following error:
An unhandled exception of type 'System.TypeInitializationException' occurred in Regulator.exe
Additional information: The type initializer for "Regulator.SDK.AppContext" threw an exception.
I'm assuming XP SP2 has something to do with this but I'm not 100% certain because a couple colleagues are also using it with SP2 installed with no ill effects.
I noticed that Net Framework 1.1 SP1 was out yesterday, but I haven't thrown that on yet. Think I'll wait a while.
BTW, I tried a repair and also an uninstall/reinstall, with the same error cropping up each time. Any ideas?"
The solution:
Install The Regulator again but to a different folder.That should fix it.
The plugin configuration file was messed up and the application can't read it and load the plugins. Re-installing it to a different folder also creates the config file again. Repair will not touch existing config files for some reason.

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