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Solving those nasty "Out Of Memory" problems

This came up on the win-tech-off-topic mailing list the other day and I'm writing it down here so that I can explorer it further later on. I'm interested because I like to run *lots and lots* of programs at the same time. Lately though, instead of opening 50 Explorer windows and 50 Internet Explorers I just use Total Commander and Avant Browser with Tabbed Browsing. It's sooo much easier!.
Here are two KB articles that talk about why and how the issues of low memory can occur on the "desktop heap", and more specifically how you can put a magic value in the Registry to help a little. Try at your own risk!
Possible "good" values people had talked about on the list were:
  • SharedSection=4096,8192,5
  • SharedSection=1024,8192,384
*read carefully first and try at your own risk!*

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