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Photos and Slides from Agile Israel March Meeting Birthday Maddness!

Wow, What a great Agile Israel Meeting we had this week! You can read all about it on our new site at where you will also find the latest slides, and soon also the audio recording from the meeting.
If you were wondering if you made a mistake in not coming to the meeting, here are a few reasons to say "yes" to yourself now.
First, Because it's our one year birthday, I worked with Microsoft to get lots of pizza and several cakes!
We had Plenty of Prizes to give away too!
And lots of people showed up to hear Orit Hazzan speak about Agile Development.
And of course,  there were balloons and videotapes!
So next time, if somebody asks you "Say, I heard there was an Agile Group in Israel! Should I go?" You'll know what to say... right?

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