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The Tech-Ed Israel Blog needs some *buzz*

Its run mostly by Lior Tzoref, and tries to put a face on the whole organization of Tech-Ed.
Personally, I like the idea. But there are several facets that should be implemented before Microsoft Israel can take advantage of the full power of community (and actually make it worth while opening a blog like that)
  1. Add the ability to write comments on posts. A blog, the way I see it, is a written conversation. It's almost pointless to have only one side being heard while the other just sits there and reads it. Especially when it's from a "marketing" type of source. Marketing is much more trusted in the eyes of the reader if there is at least the *impression* or listening back to the reader. But with no comments, we are left with only the simple option of sending an email. I sent an email saying exactly the comments issue. I got back an answer that the blog is just fine the way it is or something similar, but thanks for the concern. Funny thing is that they really do take to heart the email the get, so a comment on the blog post seems like just what they would want!
  2. Update it more during the week.  If people don't seen anything interesting, they will stop reading it.
  3. Do something that only the blog readers can get to. Content-specific postings and benefits go long way to making a blog popular. It's also a good way to promote viral marketing..

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