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Feedback on the Israel Microsoft Developer Academy?

There's quite a lot of feedback going on about last week's Microsoft Developer Academy in Israel both from the presenters and from the comments on their blog posts.

I'll see if I can summarize it for those of you without time to read through:

  • Great content (not fluff)
    • no marketing content, very deep lectures, very little disappointment from the talks (those who got to actually attend them)
  • Very poor organization
    • Some talks were simply too crowded to get into even though there was a "registration" period before the conference. They seemed to have let too many people in (2300 compared to 1800 registered or something like that)
    • The structure itself could not accommodate thousands of people moving between lecture halls in the space of 15 minutes.
    • I know this for a fact, because as a presenter, it took me more than 15 minutes just to be able to leave the lecture hall I was speaking in and  over to the next talk .
    • Like any "classic" doomed project, when MS Israel got the presenters to see the building the week before, we already started talking about how messy things were going to be. They were.
  • Poor food and no coffee at lunch!

What were your experiences from the conference? Which talks did you like the most? and the least?

What feedback can you give the presenters to help them prepare better for their next presentation?

Your comments would be appreciated

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