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March at Agile Israel - Great presentations & The group's first birthday

Our upcoming March meeting of Agile Israel will be a special one. not only do we have a great set of presentations to dish out, we'll also be celebrating the group's first birthday!
We'll have a cake, pizzas, and raffle out some cool and interesting prizes!
See you there!
(see arrival instructions at end of email)
Date and Time:
March 27th, 2006
Gathering as of 17:30, we start promptly at 18:00.
This month we have the distinct pleasure of hosting two speakers which are internationally known in the agile conference world (Agile International conference, XP international conference etc..) for their research and studies into the adoption and management techniques in Agile Projects. Fortunately, they also live and work in Israel's Technion, and have both agreed to speak to our group!
17:30 – Gathering
18:00 – Part I - Introducing Agile Culture into Your Organization
19:15 – break
19:30 – Part II -  Managing Agile Software Development Projects
20:45: prize raffle
Though agile software development methods have been around for almost a decade, in many software organizations practitioners still keep asking themselves questions such as: how to establish an agile software development culture, how to achieve a full adoption of a specific agile software development method, and, how to maintain its implementation. Indeed, illustratively, with respect to Extreme Programming, Kent Beck starts the second edition of Extreme Programming Explained by stating that “Extreme Programming is about social change”. 
In this two-part presentation we will first address the nature of the cultural change that should take place when agile software development is introduced into the organization and second, we will work on specific management practices that support the development of agile software projects.
  Speaker Details 

Orit Hazzan is an Associate Professor at the Department of Education in Technology and Science of the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. In May 2004 she published her book Human Aspects of Software Engineering, co-authored with the late Jim Tomayko. She is a software project consultant in the Israeli software industry. The way she combines research and practice enables her to bring a comprehensive picture into guidance processes of software teams. She presents her research in computer science and software engineering education conferences (e.g., SIGCSE) as well as in conferences that deal with agile software development (e.g., the Agile International Conference).

Yael Dubinsky is an adjunct lecturer at the Computer Science Department at the Technion and a consultant in the areas of software project management and computerization, working with the Israeli army and industry. She graduated B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computer Science from the Technion, Israel, and was the head of the IT group in this department for ten years. During her Ph.D. research, she examined implementing software development methods in project-based courses in the higher education, and specializing in Extreme Programming. Yael has a significant experience with guiding agile implementation processes. Her current research interests deal with quality aspects of software project processes.
Getting There
Meeting will take place at Microsoft Ra'anana:
2 Hapnina St, Raanana
(09) 7625-100
Floor 0 , Dekel Room
It is the new building across from Amdocs.
After the first traffic circle, there is an area for (free) parking on the right.

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