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WilsonORMapper at version 3.0, and what's an OR mapper anyway?

it's free 50$, it sounds wonderful, and its at a version 3.0(via Mike)  - so its mature enough. I should really give the WilsonORMapper a try. I wonder why COM+ transactions are not supported though.
What's an OR mapper? its an Object-relational mapping utility - that allows you to create objects that map and persist data to your relational database automatically. It generates code for you and you just have to know how to use the object model that was generated. I never used an OR mapper personally - but I should really give it a try someday. The way I see it it can either save a lot of time, or be a total disaster, or both, or neither. Simple huh?
There's also ObjectSpaces, Microsoft's own future OR mapper is to be released someday, sometime, soon(update: should be merged in as a prt of the upcoming WinFS system).
Speaking of which - when people ask me what OR mapper I recommend to try first I recommend they try the (not free) LLBLGen pro.  I've given the demo a spin and it looks to be amazing. Plus - I know the due behind this thing - Frans Bouma, and I know that whatever he's behind will be serious and well thought out. The guy is brilliant.

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