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Zanebug v1.4.3 - a better NUnit GUI?

I really need to take a look at this tool. For now - here's the announcement of the newest version. Feel free to comment your thoughts on this toos on this post.


To bring in the New Year, a new version of Zanebug has just been released!!

For those that don't know - Zanebug is a free, NUnit compatible, feature-rich unit testing tool with a great UI and cool performance metrics.

Changes since 1.4.1 (and a very brief 1.4.2) include:

- Full support for NUnit 2.2

- Command line version is now available

- Enhanced run-time editing (category, expected exception, etc.)

- Ability to run multiple tests at once (command line version only - will be added to GUI version in next release)

- Selected tests are remembered across assembly reloads (no need to recheck / uncheck)

- Added well-formatted text summary (and the ability to save summary)

- Improved Xml output

- Tons of refactoring

- Greatly improved shadow copying and AppDomain functionality

- Enhanced API

- Bug fixes

-- Fixed the "File X or one of its dependencies could not be found"

-- Fixed the issue w/ custom Exceptions not being recognized within the ExpectedException attribute

I'm currently working on the next release, which will include:

- VS.NET integration

- HTML Reports

- Plugin architecture

- Developer's Guide


Please visit the Zanebug homepage for the latest download and documentation:

Also, I'm always interested in feedback, feature requests, or any bugs that you encounter. Feel free to email me!


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