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Wanna be a Microsoft Israel Presenter?

Microsoft Israel is looking for "star quality" presenters on Microsoft content.
Basically, if you can muster up a 15 min. technical presentation in front of some of Microsoft's finest in Israel and are found to have what it takes, you'll be invited to present at some of Microsoft Israel's biggest and well respected conferences such as Tech-Ed and such.
Now, I'd *pay* someone for this kind of opportunity a couple of years ago, so If you think you'd like to give it a shot, go to this page for explanations:
(note: content is in Hebrew, with a slightly annoying flash animation in the beginning which cannot be avoided...)
Or you can directly register in this page:
and sign up.
I don't think you get any money for speaking there(I might be mistaken though), but you sure do get recognition and a feeling of doing something cool (not to mention getting lots of experience presenting at large events!)

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