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Google AdSense Referral Program Open to the public

Looks like Google AdSense just went another mile further. They now have a referral program. So if people sign up for AdSense through me, I actually get some money for it. All I can say is that so far, AdSense has actually made me some money for my blogging efforts. And it seems to provide mostly good ads (such as for unit testing tools, which are pretty interesting)
That's why I've decided to take on the referral program and recommend this program for bloggers. It seems to do the job (I'm still not rich, but I get enough to buy a book or two each month) and it doesn't do these horrible popups (that was my stats counter - NedStat. Get rid of that thing fast!)
So, if you're a blogger and wanna sign up for this through me , click the button located on the top left site of my blog's page, just below the Google ads banner. It's free and relatively painless to setup. Good luck!

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