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Top 31 blogs to subsrcibe to

In the early days of (when it was still called "DotNetWeblogs") the main page had a list of all the bloggers sorted by number of posts and last date. That made for a good way to find out which blogs are most active/have the most content/are worth subscribing to (true, some blogs are unique - small amount of posts with big value, like Chris Brumme's blog).
That's gone, I have no idea why, but if you wanted a list of top blogs to subscribe to independently of the main feed,  Jon Galloway posted the output of a little .NET code he wrote to calculate the blog worth of every feed on the site.
He then sorted the list by order of "worth". What you get back is is good way to get the "essential" list of bloggers which have content/links/track backs which may suggest they are worth subscribing to.
Here's the final results, with the full result set posted in Jon's post, along with links (I'm glad to be among it).
Blog Worth
ScottGu's Blog 239,929.50
Rob Howard's Blog 154,119.42
Christian Weyer: Smells like service spirit 102,746.28
ISerializable - Roy Osherove's Blog 88,068.24
Carl Franklin 73,954.74
Robert McLaws: FunWithCoding.NET 73,390.20
Jan Tielens' Bloggings [MVP] 72,825.66
Paul Wilson's .NET Blog 62,663.94
Dino Esposito's WebLog 59,841.24
Wallace B. McClure 49,679.52
Frans Bouma's blog 47,985.90
JonGalloway.ToString() 46,856.82
Fear and Loathing (Bil Simser) 45,727.74
Jeff Key 45,727.74
eXtensible Mind Lounge (Daniel Cazzulino) 41,775.96
Datagrid Girl 40,646.88 40,082.34
Fabrice's weblog 38,953.26
Ajax.NET Professional 37,824.18
Erik Porter's Blog 35,001.48
Robert Hurlbut's .NET Blog 32,743.32
Christian Nagel's OneNotes 31,049.70
Serge van den Oever [Macaw] 29,356.08
Eli Robillard's World of Blog. 28,227.00
#region /* mads's thoughts */ 27,662.46
Ralf's Sudelbücher 26,533.38
DonXML Blog 25,968.84
Test Driven .NET 23,146.14
Dev Notes 23,146.14
Nauman Leghari's Blog 22,017.06
eWorld.UI - Matt Hawley 20,887.98

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