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Problem creating mail enabled Contact on Exchange 2003

I don't usually do this - use the blog as a public forum post, unless I've searched the answer in all the places I know. This one is a favor for a friend I can't seem to get done on my own.My friend is desperately trying to solve this problem:
They are trying to create a "Mail Enabled" Contact on an Exchange Server 2003 under Windows 2003 Server, using .NET 1.1.
they are using this article as a base for their work:
However, they keep getting a "Cast is not valid" exception when trying out this line:
cdoRecipient = (IMailRecipient) cdoPerson
they get this:
com error -532459699 unspecified error
If Anyone has any idea why that's happening (the cast or the 2nd error) and how to do this without causing this error, feel free to post a comment here directing us to the right article/solution.

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