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Fixing "mapi32.dll is an invalid Extended MAPI Library" and "Mail is not installed on your system" on Windows Server 2003 with Exchange

I get these annoying message on w Windows 2003 Server with Exchange Installed, when trying to do mail merge or send do as attachement from within Word:
"mapi32.dll is an invalid Extended MAPI Library
Mail is not installed on your system"
I looked everywhere how to fix it, but it turns out there's a really easy fix for it.
From the TomorrowMan:
"This appears to be because the Exchange 2003 version of mapi32.dll located in c:\windows\system32\ has overwritten the Office 2003 version of MAPI32.dll and they are different.

To fix this problem I just took a copy of mapi32.dll from another Office 2003 installation and placed it in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\ because it seems office will look there first, and voila it now works. "

Works like a charm.

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