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[Cool Tool] ASP.NET Enterprise Manager on Steroids: Ajax, Multiple DB types, And open source!

What would the ASP.NET Enterprise Manager look like with Ajax Support? The VisualWebGui guys have a clue. They built a new one from scratch with their cool technology for making web from winforms, and they even made it work with a database provider model, so you can manage many database types with it.
On top of that, it's open source.
What more can you ask for? Well, A screenshot!
"Visual WebGui Enterprise Manager is a new open source database administration tool that was developed with Visual WebGui and is based on Microsoft's "Enterprise Manager". Presenting a familiar interface for administrators and developers the application brings the power of the enterprise manger to the web. The application has extended the "Enterprise Manager" with a provider mechanism which will enable managing multi database types in a unified UI. The application is actually a natural evolution of the popular "ASP.NET enterprise manager" and provides the same capabilities and more but with a fully AJAX enabled UI and multiple database type capabilities."

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