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[Cool Tool] Checking Out VsVim

I've been using VsVim in my latest TDD course. It's a simulator of Vim keybindings for visual studio. I've been using vim since january 2011, so almost a year now, and i've come to really like the power you get when editing code with it.

Unlike ViEmu, another vim emulator for visual, VsVim is 'soft' on overriding keybindings. So, because I also use reshaper, VsVim doesn't override any keybindings that are already taken by other visual studio addins.

That means that out of the box, vsvim "just works" and reshaper continues to "just work" without any fiddling needed. Very few of the bindings that I 'lost' to reshaper are ones that I actually like in reshaper (ctrl-d to duplicate in reshaper is also 'scroll down' in vim, but that's ok).

In short, VsVim is free, you can get it from the VS extension manager, and it 'just works' if you're a Vim fan.

Nice job! Also, kudos to Lars Magen Engedal from my TDD course in Stavanger, Norway, for letting me know about it.

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