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My top 21 Most Viewed Blog posts

Here are the top 21 viewed pages on my blog in the past year and a half:

  1. Essential Software to install on a new computer
  2. Dataset Hell: "Failed to enable constraints. One or more rows contains values..."
  3. Strip HTML Tags from a string using regular expressions 
  4. Convert a DataReader into A Dataset
  5.  BackgroundWorker implementation - in c#
  6. Make your .NET application support scripting - a practical approach
  7. Simplified Database Unit Testing using Enterprise Services 
  8.  Train to be a keyboard master with Keyboard Jedi
  9. ALT.NET - Alternative tools and approaches to mainstream .NET
  10. MbUnit vs. NUnit vs. Team System Unit Testing - choosing a unit test framework
  11. Unlocking an attachment blocked by outlook
  12. Testing Guidelines (Category page of testing guidelines posts from my blog)
  13. Introducing XtUnit:  An Unofficial Unit Testing Extensibility Framework - Add new attributes to NUnit or MbUnit easily!
  14. It's Time For Violence: a song about Databases
  15. Free Sharepoint 2007 book download 
  16. Microsoft gets Design For Testability with new MVC framework for ASP.NET- Finally. 
  17. The 3 ways to create a Thread-Safe GUI with .NET 2.0, with one clear winner. (note: there is even a better way)
  18. Understanding the different generic collections in .NET (List<T>, BindingList<T>, Collection<T>)
  19. Fixing "mapi32.dll is an invalid Extended MAPI Library" and "Mail is not installed on your system" on Windows Server 2003 with Exchange 
  20. Windows Media Player problem? Here's a very good FAQ Page
  21. Choosing a Mock Object Framework (I need to create a new poll!)


There is something to think about when you look at this:

  • About half of these are more than two years old
  • two of them are dataset relates
  • a couple of them have nothing to do with .NET at all


What conclusions can we deduct from this little experiment?

Private builds (Gated Checkins) with Team Foundation Server

How not to compare "body of knowledge"