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Private builds (Gated Checkins) with Team Foundation Server

This is cool and I didn't know it existed:

"OpenGauntlet is a free side-app for Microsoft's Team Foundation Server which mimics a fundamental feature of Microsoft's internal development system (codenamed Gauntlet), also known as "Gated Checkins". It avoids the problems associated with large development teams whereby a single developer will check in non-compiling code, which subsequently causes delays in the development life cycle as the team waits for the issues to be resolved. It can also be configured to disallow check ins if the proposed code changes break the unit tests. The central principle is that users are not allowed to check code directly into source control. Instead, they shelve their changes with a specific naming prefix when they are ready to check some changes in, and OpenGauntlet unshelves their changes into a temporary workspace, checks the changes compile and pass unit tests, and then checks the changes into source control under the requesting developer's username"

Essentially, this is like the idea od a "delayed commit" or "private build" as you get with Jetbrains TeamCity. I know past customers who I've consulted too asked for this so it's nice to know TFS users are not left behind. this is another case where I can see exactly how powerful open source projects can be. coolness.

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