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Typemock Isolator 4.2 released

Just a short announcement to tell you that Typemock 4.2 was just released out of beta. Download it here.
To make this short, you can find what's new and release notes here:

Some of the cool features added:

  • Highlight mocked methods within the VS Debugger so you know why you're not stepping into them
  • Ability to evaluate during debugging the value of mocked methods and objects without ruining the test state
  • Ability to mock direct fields which are not value types (properties were already supported)
  • Events declared on abstract classes can now be mocked
  • Events declared in derived interfaces can now be mocked
  • Extension method on MSCorlib classes can now be mocked inside a chained statement
  • A generic API for creating mocks is now available in the Community edition
  • The new release of DotTrace profiler (3.0) is now supported and can be linked to run with Typemock Isolator
  • more..

Also, we're constantly delivering tutorial videos on the new Typemock blog about using typemock Isolator, like this one about using custom method decorators to extend your unit tests very easily in 5 minutes.

Your comments are appreciated!

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