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Team Agile is looking for a TDD/Unit Testing Expert

Team Agile is looking for a Unit testing/Test Driven development expert in C++/Java

·        Expertise in Test-Driven Development of projects employing C++ and/or Java

·        Knowledge of Unit-test development and tools for unit testing

·        Practical proven knowledge in the theory of testing and testability

·        Familiarity with tools that can help the construction, management, execution, validation and logging of testing scenarios


This is for a long term position at one of out clients, to help build and maintain and system of unit tests for an existing legacy product. It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be very very interesting and challenging.

I'm looking for someone who can either do this now, or can be trained to do this quickly (that is - you have some experience in TDD/Unit Testing, but feel you have more to learn)


Contact me at jobs @ with the subject "TDD Expert"

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