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Agile Israel News: RSS Feed and 3rd TDD Workshop are now open!

Today's Agile Israel meeting with Johanna Rothman was a great experience, and I hope to share some photos from it as soon as I get them from Johanna. Audio and Video(Thanks to Ohad) were recorded, and it won't take longer than a year or so until that's online :)
Some more news regarding Agile Israel:
  • We have an RSS Feed!
  • The third Test Driven Development Workshop is now open for registration. We limit it at 12 people, so you better hurry up and register if you want to attend (only if you're serious about attending it, don't just "save seats")
Future topics requested at the session:
  1. Agile And performance (not sure what that means)
  2. TDD for non OO dev environments
  3. Life story about moving the organization to agile
  4. Facing anti-agile stakeholders in the organization
  5. Scrum
No. of people who requested to register themselves to the group site: 8
Total number of participants - 50'ish

NUnit 2.2.4: .NET 2.0 Support, Extensibility Support and new Asserts and Attributes

Reminder: Agile Israel meets today!