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Reminder: Agile Israel meets today!

Reminder: Agile Israel meets TODAY with Johanna Rothman.
More info here (including how to get there). It'd be great if you sent me an email ( roy @ ) telling me you're coming but you can just as easily show up (as long as its before 18:00) and enter.
When: December 15
Gathering at 17:30, we start promptly at 18:00
Moving Towards Agile Project Management
Your project's ship date seems short for the necessary work. Your
requirements are sure to change. Everyone's pounding on you for even
more features. So, you realize that a conventional waterfall
lifecycle is unlikely to solve your problems. You'd like to try an
Agile lifecycle, but your organization is suspicious of Agile
techniques, or doesn't know how to cope without the false assurance
of a detailed Gantt chart. What can you do?
Without completely changing everything you do in your projects, you
can apply Agile principles to your projects--providing business value
to your stakeholders and customers.
In this session, through practice, we'll develop a framework--based
on the kinds of risks you typically encounter--for integrating
selected agile practices into different types of projects.
Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about frameworks based on project risk
  • Develop a framework project managers can use to select agile practices that fit their projects
  • Illuminate key Agile practices.
  • Practice these Agile practices

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