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[Review] JustCode! Universal 1.0 - Productivity Addin for VS 2005 and a0023

Let’s face it. JetBrains, the company who created Resharper for Visual Studio 2003, set a standard for refactoring and “quick-fix” addins which has the whole “productivity addins” industry taking notes. Their two biggest problems these days are that

  1. Resharper does not support VB.NET, only C#
  2. Resharper does not support Visual Studio 2005 (a public alpha is available, and it’s practically unusable as I write this)
 That’s why when I saw the cool demonstration video of JustCode! I immediately thought to myself that this is the addin to fill the gap that Resharper left behind. JustCode! supports C#, VB.NET and J# editing and runs on VS 2005 and 2003.  I set out to start building a simple product in both C# and VB.NET that would make me exercise this new addin.  How did it measure up? Read the full review

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