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VS 2005 Pricing and Licensing (sucks)

[Update: You can go vote against this licensing scheme in the Microsoft feedback center, thanks to Jordan T.]
It's bad enough that Unit Testing will not be included in all versions of Visual Studio(like Microsoft thinks only "privileged" owners can get this "benefit"), now we get this bomb.
Mike Gunderloy wraps up nicely the whole new pricing scheme for Visual Studio 2005 and Team System editions . I I agree with Mike that Microsoft probably took a wrong turn somewhere when they decided that the various Team System editions will not be available without extra pricing even for MSDN universal subscribers (in fact they jacked up the VSTS+MSDN prices).
Here's a good quote that sums up nicely Mike's thoughts and my own as well:
"Finally, I think Microsoft is making a serious, serious mistake in not including the whole Team Foundation Server in the top-level MSDN package. I could rant on about this a bit, but Eric Bowen beat me to it with a perfect post. You ought to hop over to his blog and read the whole thing; I'll quote the ending: "Bottom line for Microsoft:  How can you expect consultants to recommend products to clients that we aren't familiar with, because we don't have access to them?" I'm with him on that.."

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