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[CoolTool] SWExplorerAutomation: Automate web GUI unit testing for IE

Got this in the email a week or two ago:
Hello Roy,

Have you seen SWExplorerAutomation ( It allows to create an object model for any Web application developed with HTML and DHTML. It can be easily used for the Unit Testing.

Alex Furman.
Well, I took a look over here at the flash demo and it looks pretty spiffy. The part I cared the most about: near the end of the demo you can see that the application allows you to generate .NET code using the application's automation API to run the "scripts" of actions performed in the browser. (Think "MS Act" only much more detailed actions, usability and programmability since it uses .NET and not VBScript).
Looks to me like one could easily use the generated .NET code to run various unit tests, or at least to start generate a powerful unit testing framework for HTML web pages, or some sort of load testing framework.
Alex has already used it to create SWJobSearch, which simultaneously searches for jobs on multiple Web Sites including sending emails where needed. It's all built on the same API. Very powerful stuff!
Looks like it only works with IE though, so it's very "vertical market" driven :)

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