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Using Emacs: A masochist's guide

Using EMacs: The ultimate hacker's text editor. Why on earth does Don Box like this thing?
(via Anarchia)
Always did wonder what everyone saw in this thing. I'm a keyboard freak myself but this thing is *daunting*!
Tried it a few times, but I guess you have to be a real masochist to fall in love with this thing. That is - getting past the big hurdle takes the strength of a marathon runner. How would you feel if all your key bindings in the text editor looked like this:
(M = ALT, C= Control)
C-f move forward one character M-f move forward one word
C-b move backwards one character M-b move backwards one word
C-n move down one line (next line) C-v move down one screenful
C-p move up one line (previous line) M-v move up one screenful
Backspace delete to the left M-Backspace delete word to the left
C-d delete to the right M-d delete word to the right
C-e move to end of line M-e move to end of paragraph
C-a move to start of line M-a move to start of paragraph
Key-binding Function
C-right or M-right move forward one word
C-left or M-left move backwards one word
C-up move up one paragraph
C-down move down one paragraph
M-up --Unbound--
M-down --Unbound--

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