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2 exciting announcements from yours truly

I'm thrilled to tell the world that my first ever article on MSDN Magazine is going to be published this June, which deals with Database Unit Testing techniques, based on the work I've done so far on this issue. Still not published yet, you can check out the graphic here. I just couldn't resist posting this too early - it has been brewing for a lot of time now (from the moment it was suggested, to the moment it was published - almost 8 months - talk about labor..)
The second news is that I will be speaking at Tech-Ed Europe this July. I'll have one talk on Regular Expressions, a chalk-talk on Test Driven Development and I'll be participating in a panel about Agile Development.
(excitement, cheer and a sensation of accomplishment thrown together as I read the official "invite" to the conference)
World domination is imminent.
So - if you're at Tech-Ed Europe - ping me using the blog! I'd love to meet up with fellow bloggers or readers :)

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