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CFNUnitBridge: Test Driven Development for the .NET compact framework(almost there)

Just found this via this post over at

The goal of the CFNUnitBridge is to bring unit testing and test-driven development to the .Net Compact Framework. Currently it specifically targets NUnit, but in the future it will work with multiple unit testing frameworks.

CFNUnitBridge presently includes a GUI runner that executes tests on the PocketPC device or emulator. The next major release will add a remotable device runner, with a desktop controller that will automate the test runs and report the results. The next major step after that will be to get the tool the point where it can be integrated into the Continuous Integration process.

and a small warning at the top of the page:

This project is still in the very early stages. It is currently at version 0.2.

Presently it is operable, with a test runner that executes the tests either on the emulator or on the device itself. However, we would like to add remoting capabilities so that the tests are executed on the device, but the results are presented on the development workstation.

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