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[Recording] Roy Osherove on Software Factories and Domain Specific Languages

Last month I delivered a presentation at the Israel .NET architects user group about Software Factories and Domain Specific Languages. Perhaps it's just my big ego, but I definitely feel that people should be able to hear presentation by recording if they can't make it to the actual user group meeting. Sometimes ther'es some great material there and it's a shame to waste it. Slides just don't cut it for these things, frankly.

So, I gave it a shot and recorded myself speak at the user group using a small microphone attached to a headset that I set down near the middle of the stage. It recorded remarkably well!  (note that it's in Hebrew)

Length: 1 hour, 45 minutes (in two down loadable Mp3 parts for easy CD burning) .

Language: Hebrew.

Summary (go download (slides available as well))

Roy Osherove Discusses the concepts behind Software factories, why they might present an alternative to today's software development techniques and how we can use the various tools that will be provided by Microsoft's domain specific language tools to create our own software factories in the IDE. Roy also discusses the various items that exist today that might be called software factories and the challenges along the way to making this happen on a large scale.

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