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Whitepaper: Introducing System Transactions, by Juval Lowy

Juval Lowy is out with a new white paper at the Microsoft download center. It's 50 (-10 for introduction) pages full of good information about the upcoming features of Indigo, as reflected in the System.Transactions namespace in .NET 2.0. I've heard some of this stuff before and it's important to know what's the future gonna be like for the various transactional work we do in our applications.
Go download it here and learn the new batch of buzz words such as :
    LTM, OleTx, transaction promotion, TransactionScope, indirect scope nesting, CommittableTransaction, Transaction Events, Cloning,  EnterpriseServicesInteropOption and more...


Developers on the Microsoft® Windows® platform traditionally choose between two transactional programming models: explicit transaction management or declarative transaction flow and management. Both these programming models have their disadvantages and neither one is superior to the other in every respect. Version 2.0 of the .NET Framework introduces a new transactional programming model available in the System.Transactions namespace. The new model allows developers to easily write transactional code with the lowest overhead possible while minimizing the amount of hand-crafted code and separating it from the application hosting environment and instance management. This whitepaper starts by stating the problem with the traditional programming models and the motivation for the new model. The whitepaper then presents the new programming model, its features and its capabilities, and some advanced features such as asynchronous work, events, security, concurrency management and interoperability"

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